Tastes Like Chicken

Cole Barbour - Guitar, Vocals
Aaron Clarke - Guitar, Vocals
Jake Nagy - Bass, Vocals
Joe Njache - Drums, Vocals


Ray Thomas - Bass
Nathan Marshall - Drums
Dustin Ellis - Vocals
Josh Pattison - Lead Guitar
Jason McKnight - Guitar


Gabe Terracciano - Bass, Violin, Vocals
Will Maxwell - Guitar, Vocals
Sam Scribner - Soprano Saxophone
Mark Dumond - Donna Trout

Phantom Companion

Lee Larson - Vocals/Keyboard
Xander Nelson - Guitar/Voals
Chris Gilbert - Drums
Connor McGrory - Bass Guitar

Mousam River Ramblers

Alex Deely - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals and Harmonica
Noah Dest - Guitar and Vocals
Max Robinson - Guitar and Vocals
John Joseph Lyden - Upright Bass

Midnite Haze

Devin Vail - Drums
David Pilgrim - Bass
Ryan Vail - Guitar/Lead Vocals

Low Flying Airplanes

Andrew Gabrielson - vocals, guitar, trombone
Dan Wriggins - vocals,guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, ukulele
Mike Cormier - drums, banjo, percussion

Loudest Mime

Angus Macdonald - Guitar, Vocals, Jew's Harp
Luke Macdonald - Guitar, Keyboard, Keytar
Thomas Dodge - Bass, Vocals
David Vitali - Drums

Lost by Found

James Stroumbas - Drums, Background Vocals
Cody Perrone - Mike Perrone, Andrea Perrone
Cody Hackett - Bass Guitar

If I Ran the Circus

Niko Kallis - Drums
Matt Heath - Guitar
Sid Baxter - Vox/Synth
Lenny Schwartz - Bass
Lowell Brown - Vox/Guitar


Katherine Veayo - Drums, piano, backup vocals
Kristen Veayo - Guitar, vocals
Danielle Pease - Lead vocals, piano
Declan Chu - Guitar
Arron St. Pierre - Bass

Electric City

Alex Haight - Voice
Sam Milinazzo - Lead guitar
John McCafferty - Bass guitar
Arran Maran - Guitar
Louis Meola - Drums

This band was formed for the purpose of competing in the MAMM Rock Off. Sam Milinazzo and Arran Maran are the founding members. The band was recorded in Sam Milinazzo's home studio, SUBZERO STUDIOS.

Crossed Out

Alex Verrill - Vocals/Guitar
Mike Tracy - Bass
Justin Getchell - Drums/vocals
Adam Bourgault - Guitar

Crossed Out really started to grow when singer Alex Verrill and bassist Mike Tracy decided to get drummer Justin Getchell. Since that time the band has recorded an EP and has performed their own event at their High School. In the winter of 2010 the band decided to bring in another guitar player Adam Bourgault and started writting new matterial for live shows and another EP. The band is currently writting and rehersing their music.


Douglas Russum - Lead Guitar
Cody Huntress - Rhythm Guitar
Zai Huntress - Bass Guitar
Matthew Tetrick - drums

Matthew and Douglas met in school January of 2007 and decided to play at the school's end-of-year talent show. After a last minute cancel, they began to start writing music for the Winter Carnival Battle-of-the-Bands in March of 2008. Afterward in search of new members formed Anything But Ordinary with the addition of Gisele Lundrigan on keyboard. That summer Gisele left the band and there was a change of style and band name. They played at the Reindeer Records 25th Annual Rock-Off and made it to the finals. They played several gigs afterward, including a benefit at the 2009 Portland Walk-a-thon.

A Tale of Two Cities

Cain Landry - Vocals, Guitar
Anthony DiBiase - Lead Guitar
Cam Wilson - Bass
David Stone - Drums

A Tale Of Two Cities started in the fall of 2009. Anthony, David, and Cam got together and started jamming to some covers ranging from the Foo Fighters to Led Zeppelin and decided that it would be cool to start a band together. After the addition of Cain, we started writing originals and really started getting serious about this band. Our future goals are to play out more and become known around the local area. Creating our first full CD is also a goal that we hope to accomplish in the near future.

Trevor Winchenbaugh - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Joseph Murphy - Drums/Backup Vocals
Zachary Wallace - Bass

We are Above Our Rivals. All three of us are from Union, Maine, have been going to school together since 1st grade, and are currently attending Medomak Valley High School. Trevor Winchenbaugh and Joe Murphy (members of Below Creation, also) created this band thinking it would be fun to make a different style of music, and this is what it has become. Zach Wallace joined, and now we're off to a great start making music and just having fun. One day, we are hoping to be well known and have our music loved across the world.
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